The Center for American Military Music Opportunities was co-founded in 2009 when Cathie Lechareas recognized specific challenges that some of our veterans and active duty service members face. 

She saw that music artists with a history of serving their country in the military, were not receiving the artist development needed to succeed in the industry. Veterans interested in pursuing music industry careers in production, recording, management and other related music careers were typically not given the opportunity to train and learn in these professions.  Cathie had a vision of a thriving music artist community made up of veterans and service members and the path was laid for what was certain to become rewarding benefits for troop artists today.  She envisioned the creation of a military music community that would focus the world on America’s most musically and technically talented service members.  

CAMMO is ready to bring the voice of the American veteran and service member to America and the world, through music.