CAMMO is a one-of-a-kind organization designed to help the military community as a whole.

Currently, we offer artist development and music as therapy tracts in workshops across the country, with access to recording, rehearsal space, and production workstations. In support of our military community CAMMO provides a safe, familiar environment to work, collaborate, and
heal through music.

CAMMO developed workshops and mentoring relationships to take advantage of the multitude of education and employment opportunities for service members as they complete their service commitments.

CAMMO workshops provide training in recording, producing, promoting, and performing, as well as the administrative arm of the entertainment industry. Through CAMMO songwriting workshops we also organically discover, develop, and publish the next generation of talent that could someday capture the world stage with positive messaging in entertainment through songwriting and performance.

A career in music offers many opportunities but requires training, experience, and opportunities. Such career development opportunities are developed through CAMMO workshops, camps, events, and performances.

CAMMO’s mission and focus have been since its inception to provide a safe and caring environment for military members, veterans, and their families to:

  • Create music-based therapeutic programming and outlets for service members, veterans, and family members.
  • Train and educate service members, veterans, and family members in music industry career opportunities, including artist development and management.