CAMMO Kids is a performance-based children’s program geared toward singing and songwriting
development as well as public performances. Our Kids program is designed to serve children
age 16 and under, and our Youth Program for ages 17-23.

Our objective is to have the choir perform at least once every quarter (three months) if not
more. In addition, there are recital performances in the spring and fall. We would like to
have a minimum of one recorded song for the spring session and one for the fall.

Rehearsals are structured to give basic vocal music guidance, enhance self-esteem, and instill
unity with others. They are designed to allow children to learn songs in their own time so
that rehearsal time can be spent enabling children to find their own ‘voice.’ To prepare for
performances, CAMMO Kids rehearse at least 4 times each quarter for no more than an hour
per rehearsal with the option of adding more rehearsals if needed for a performance.

Once accepted into the program, all choir members will be notified of upcoming solo
opportunities, practices, performances, and changes in the repertoire. They can opt-out of
performances and rehearsals if there is a conflict.

CAMMO Kids coaches are part of the military community with specific experience working
with children and children’s voices.

Some of the key benefits of the CAMMO Kids program are the following:

  • Improves memory skills and confidence – In addition to basic music theory and voice
    techniques, the children are required to learn and perform music from memory. This
    skill is a great way to boost brain power and confidence. As the children progress
    through the program, the level of difficulty increases as well as greater opportunities
    to perform as a group as well as solo performances.
  • Fosters creativity and expression – Music is a language and the ‘expression’ is as
    important as ‘pitch’. Our rehearsals and performances give CAMMO Kids the chance
    to unlock their creative skills in a structured environment which encourages them to
    be active members of a high-energy performance group.
  • Helps with connection – Military children are a special population. Frequent
    movement and hectic schedules mean that they must adapt to many changes in their
    young lives, and that often leads to difficulty connecting with other children or
    families. CAMMO Kids offers a program of camaraderie and social interaction
    through music which will help them connect with each other and the community.

If your child is interested in the program and participating in upcoming performances in the Washington, D.C., area, please contact Cathie Lechareas (