American Military Spouses Choir

American Military Spouses Choir (AMSC) is a stellar choir performance group made up of 50-100 military spouses from all branches of service and from around the United States of America.

This project has given a VOICE to American military spouses through music. Their first recording, “The Promise”, was written to give a voice to the military spouse and family.

The interest in the group comes as no surprise. The choir came together as a result of rigorous and quick casting at the request of David Foster, whom had a performance scheduled at the Kennedy Center in DC and wanted to include a choir of military wives. He contacted CAMMO, the Center for American Military Music Opportunities, which answered the call expeditiously (within 2 weeks) with an exhaustive search. The day after they met and with only one rehearsal, these amazing military spouses found themselves on the stage of the Kennedy Center with Jewel, Chaka Khan, and Chris Botti as the finale to a star-studded show of the 2012 David Foster and Friends Spring gala. The way they came together is clearly indicative of theirs and their spouses’ sense of esprit de corps and trust in their leaders.

With all of that said, the American Military Spouses Choir happens to be STELLAR!